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Does My College Student Need a Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney?

INSIGHTS | By: | July 2, 2019

Graduation season is upon us. Many recent high school graduates will be enjoying these next couple of months of summer vacation before heading off to college and beginning the next phase of their lives. Many view the end of high school as the beginning of adulthood....

European Union’s New Privacy Laws Set to Take Effect

INSIGHTS | By: | May 22, 2018

Any U.S. based business that sells products or provides services via the internet, no matter how large or small, is technically a global business. Although having a global reach is normally a good thing, it can also come with serious responsibilities. For instance, if...

New Commercial Division Rules Promote The Continued Use of ADR

INSIGHTS | By: | December 5, 2017

In 1995, then Chief Judge Judith Kaye established the Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court as a forum to improve the efficiency with which commercial disputes were addressed by the courts and, at the same time, to enhance the quality of judicial...

Protecting Your Website From Liability

INSIGHTS | By: | February 21, 2017

A.  Privacy Policy. Website owners often times ignore the Privacy Policy for their site because there is not a lot of information on needs and requirements. The Privacy Policy for a website is a very important element if there are any breaches of security. This...

Small Business and Intellectual Property

INSIGHTS | By: | October 5, 2016

A small business’s intellectual property (IP), i.e., all its intangible assets, including logos, trade names, designs, inventions and product names, are often not given due consideration by the small business owner.  Just as a business can own a building or...
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