by Kathryn Dalli, Esq.


Pursuant to the Administrative Order of the Chief Administrative Judge, dated April 8, 2020, the courts are expanding non-essential trial court functions to include the following, effective April 13, 2020:

1. Conferences in Pending Cases:  In matters capable of being advanced or resolved through remote court conferencing, the courts can schedule and hold conferences on their own initiative or request of parties.

2. Fully Submitted Motions:  The courts will be deciding fully submitted motions.

3. Discovery and Other Conferences:  Courts will be available to resolve discovery disputes and similar matters that do not require the filing of papers.

4. Video Teleconferences:  Any video conferences conducted by a court or with court participation will be administered through Skype for Business.

5. New Filings:  No new non-essential matter shall be filed until further notice and no additional papers shall be filed by parties in pending non-essential matters.

Any prior Administration Orders that are inconsistent with this Order are superceded by this Order.

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