By:  Kathryn Dalli, Esq.


Attorneys are now encouraged to consent to e-filing of all matters in which e-filing was not previously allowed.  The procedure is as follows:

  1. Cases originally commenced in hard copy form may be converted to electronic filing upon consent.  A party seeking to file papers must endeavor to obtain the consent of the other party or parties. Upon consent, all parties must sign a Stipulation and Consent to E-File form. (
  1. The Stipulation and Consent to E-File form should be filed with the Office of the Suffolk County Clerk using the Electronic Document Delivery System (EDDS).
  1. If consent cannot be obtained, a party may submit a letter to the Court requesting the case be converted to electronic filling.  The request must include a statement of the efforts made to obtain consent set forth the filing(s) to be made. The letter request must be sent to the I.A.S. Judge’s Court Part email and copied to all parties. In the event the case is unassigned then the request may be sent to: Upon approval of such request the Court will issue an Order converting the case to electronic filing and forward such Order to the County Clerk.
  1. Upon receipt and approval by the County Clerk of a Stipulation and Consent to E-file form or receipt of a Conversion Order from the Court, the County Clerk will convert the case to e-filing and notify the filer to upload any previously filed R.J.I. form and other necessary documents, and to notify all parties of the conversion.
  1. Once a case is converted to e-filing, any and all documents must be e-filed; no hard copies will be accepted.



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