Twomey Latham Speaks About Development And Growth In Riverhead at LIMBA’s March 9th Meeting

Twomey Latham sponsored Long Island Metro Business Action Group’s March 9, 2018 event with new Riverhead Town Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith.  Partner Patrick Fife helped introduce the Town Supervisor and spoke about the firm’s growth in Riverhead over the past 45 years, including the firm’s success in helping developers with projects on Main Street and assisting the agricultural community with preservation efforts.  Supervisor Jens-Smith discussed the Town’s future plans for invigorating Main Street, attracting new businesses to the area, and protecting its farmlands and waterways.


Photo:  Ernie Fazio (LIMBA), Supv. Laura Jens-Smith, Bill Miller (LIMBA), Ken Never (LIMBA), and Twomey Latham Partners Bryan Van Cott, Patrick Fife, Reza Ebrahimi.