The Forever GI Bill: A “Cliffs Notes” Guide for Veterans

At a time when unity on any issue in Washington, D.C. is a rare commodity, it was gratifying to see lawmakers quickly pass a significant expansion to the education benefits for U.S. military veterans. The Bill, called the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2017, flew through both the House of Representatives and the Senate in the span of three weeks, passing both by unanimous votes. The Bill made its way to the desk of President Donald Trump where he signed it on August 16, 2017, with little fanfare. Lawmakers and veterans alike have heralded the GI Bill expansion from its introduction approximately one month ago through its passage in the House and Senate – calling it a “shining example” of bipartisanship.

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What’s In A Name?

In today’s Google®-world, for small companies, the answer is… EVERYTHING.

Marketing and branding always have been important for businesses, but with many potential customers searching Google® or other search engines for local businesses, a bland, descriptive name will not likely get you any new customers, or, for that matter, any repeat customers that once knew and may have forgotten the name of your business.

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What Is Adverse Possession?

Adverse Possession is when a person makes a claim to real property not based on buying it or receiving a deed for it but because they have possessed or occupied the property in a manner adverse to the true owner. The concept, dating back in English history, is that a person can make a claim to property by using it in such a way that the true owner should know of the use and exert its ownership by “ejecting” the possessor. In modern times this is done through an ejectment action in court.

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