Village of Southampton Dimensional Regulation Changes

On April 13, 2017, the Southampton Village Trustees amended Village Code Section 116-17.1(E). The intent of the Village Code change is to reduce the maximum permitted total gross floor area for dwellings on lots located within Residence Zoning Districts R-40, R-20, R-12.5, and R.7.5, as well as Multi-Family Residence Zoning District MF-20, by the total gross floor area of accessory buildings located within these lots. The maximum gross floor area of dwellings within the R-120, R-80 and R-60 Residence Districts remains at 12% of the lot area of the lot, plus 1,500 square feet (Village Code Section 116.17.1(B)). Click here for entire statute.

Village of East Hampton Zoning Code Changes

Effective March 2, 2017, the East Hampton Village Trustees enacted two important zoning code changes (Local Laws 5 and 6 of 2017), which changed a number of definitions, including “Flag Lot”, “Lot Depth”, “Lot Width”, “Lot Width, Rear”, “Playing Court”, and “Structure” (Village Code Section 278-1).  In addition, the law changed the area and setback requirements for accessory dwelling units, residential accessory structures, and pool houses (Village Code Section 278-3). Click here for entire statute