Estate Litigation

Twomey Latham offers clients trial attorneys with many years of experience in successfully litigating trusts, estates, and conservatorship disputes in New York’s courts including the Surrogate’s Court.

The firm’s attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of estate planning and administration issues, as well as the substantive law and unique procedures applicable to probate and trust disputes. That knowledge has allowed the firm to competently and successfully represent parties in a broad range of litigated estate matters including contested accountings, disputes over closely held corporations and stockholder’s agreements, competency, undue influence concerns in probate contests, discovery proceedings, simultaneous death issues, abandonment of a spouse, a spouse’s right of election, and kinship proceedings.

Estate Litigation Attorneys

Our attorneys focus on providing clients in-depth knowledge of our diverse range of practice areas.

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Florida Estate Administration

I have written articles in the past pertaining to Florida estate and tax planning, “Estate Planning for Snowbirds” and “Domicile: